An evangelist friend of mine many years ago told me that we had “a unique church for a unique generation.” We try to deal with people of all ages, and all needs in our Sunday school hour. I want my teachers to be very practical in their teaching. There are many different needs that as humans we battle with every day. All of our topics come from a biblical perspective. We have a class that deals with anger management. A class that teaches Biblical leadership. A class just for ladies. Plus other good practical subjects.



Sunday School is one for all ages from infants to those in their golden years. For adults we offer a variety of classes ranging from "What Baptist's Believe" to the study of a specific book from the Bible. Pastor Mike's class is about discipleship and building Godly character within the family.



Today's kids and teens more than ever need to hear about the love of Jesus. We offer a loving, sincere and educational place for them to come and learn about Jesus and how to deal with the events and happenings in today's worlds. ”We  have classes for Pre-school to High School and we try extra hard to make coming to church one that your kids/teens will anticipate.

(Transportation in our area can be provided.)



Led by are Youth Pastor John Konek – whose goals are to bring our youth to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and help them grow into Christian men and women. He gets a lot of help from his wife Jennifer. They both spend a lot of time with our teens. Some of their projects are camping trips, Wednesday night club meetings, and some days just taking the kids out for a day of fun. Proverbs 22:6 reminds us to; “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”



"O worship the King, all glory and praise..." We worship the one  and  only  true  risen  Savior,  Christ  Jesus.  We  are  a  King  James   Bible Church with a Pastor who preaches the truth without compromise, never watered down or changed.   Our doors are open to    all!


Led by the Pastor's wife, Nita McClary. These ladies are very active in growing as women of God. They meet at least once a month to study, pray, and have fun. They have a prayer chain, a "bread to give" ministry, and a mission’s ministry which involves staying in touch with our missionaries and doing special projects to help them. They also are involved with our special meetings by decorating and helping with the food. But most of all, they want to uplift the name of Jesus. Believe me this is not a boring group of ladies just sitting around...they are busy doing the work of the Lord!

Ladies luncheon/devotion, March 25, 2017



A group of us meet every Saturday morning at 10:30 for the purpose of seeking Gods face. We pray specifically for our Sunday services including our Sunday school, worship service, music ministry and the various leaders. We also pray for the salvation of men, women, boys, and girls.

Sunday Evening Prayer Service 6:30 PM

Wednesday Evening Prayer Service 7:00 PM

These times are set aside for all to come and pray for all who are needy.  This need may come as an illness, a loss of a loved one, homelessness, or general needs.  This is a way to provide cooperative praying with all of the congregation.


On Saturday after prayer time, a group from our church goes out into the neighborhood to pass out flyers and tracts, and talk with those who want to know more about the Lord and our church.  We pattern this ministry around 1 Chronicles 3:6 - "I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase."  God has given us the opportunity to plant and water; then He will give the increase.


On Wednesday nights, we have our music ministry choir practice. The choir sings every Sunday morning. We are always looking for people who want to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. We believe that true worship involves the body, soul, and spirit. We do not believe that music can replace preaching, but that music helps prepare us for the preaching of the Word. Psalm 66:1 tells us to; “Make a joyful noise unto God, all ye lands." Worship is expressed according to Biblical standards, not traditions imposed by man. True  worship  involves the body, soul, and spirit, “for God is a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in  truth.” (John 4:24) We have many opportunities to use your gift of music to serve the Lord...whether it is your voice or your hands.